by Luca Ceppelli.

Custom Arduino TMC Shield

In November 2018 I read about the Trinamic stepper driver TMC2130 and its amazing Features: microstep table, CoolStep™, passive braking, short detection, SpreadCycle™, Stall detection, StallGuard2™, StealthChop™. I realized it was what I was looking for my project and I decided to create a prototype as an Arduino Mega Shield for 4 stepper motors.

It tooks 3 days and around 250 tin welding with my trusty HAKKO Fx-888 welder for complete the shield. Now I’m realize it was really crazy just to have thought about it !!!!!!

SilentStepStick TMC2130

I bought the TMC2130 driver as SilentStepStick modules from the German Watterott Shop

The Results